Investment Strategy

We invest in startups that aspire to revolutionize the insurance ecosystem and contribute to its digital transformation. We give our backing to entities who share in our vision of pushing the limits of Insurtech and making an impact on society.

Our portfolio focuses on series A Insurtech Startups and related subsegments, mainly in health, mobility, and payments.

Our HQ is in London, UK. We operate across the Middle East and Africa, and work with startups from all over the globe.

  • Noria is a gateway for international Insurtech to the ME&A region.
  • Noria combines 3 core objectives into a single proposition, achieving investment returns by deploying international Insurtech in the ME&A region, thus positively impacting people and society.
  • We aspire to impact the lives of over 500 million people by transforming the forefront of the Insurtech ecosystem.
  • We identify startup and partner needs and propose the appropriate integration plans to ensure a successful coherency between investor and startup. We offer the knowledge of the ME&A markets with our well-rounded network and ensure that beyond the scope of investment, we can guide and develop strategic initiatives for the future.
  • The Noria model emphasizes the importance of achieving a symbiotic relationship where not only investor and startup realize on gains, but in addition to that, connections are established to ensure a sustainable and long term exchange.

Our Investor’s Services

Partnership Building

POC Initiatives Launch

Capacity Building

Strategy Consultancy

POC Updates Across MENA

Value Chain Analysis

Integration Transitioning

Global Visibility on Dealflows

Direct Investment

Project Mgmt & Deployments

Networking and Introductions

Acquisitions Guidance